Choose Well To Live Well

Live fit, healthy and strong in body, mind and spirit!


How many people are tapped in their everyday habits: part numb, part frightened, part indifferent? To have a better life we must keep choosing how we are living.

~Albert Einstein

…is basically our mantra!

Unless we are willing to constantly examine the way we live, love, work, think and speak under the piercing light of what is positively good for us, we will will almost certainly find ourselves adapting to the most convenient action, thought or response. So that is our mission. To aid in developing awareness and discipline for adapting positive habits that reap tremendous results in health and well-being when applied over time. In using our site – a word to the wise – do not dismiss SIMPLICITY. We believe we can make a difference to help combat stress and it’s effects, from anxiety, depression, diabetes, obesity and etc. So join in and get to know us. Only then, will you realize we intend to be a coach, companion, mentor, guide, teacher and friend. Welcome to!

Laura Boniello has been in the fitness and wellness industry for more than three decades. She is an ACE Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Licensed Health Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist, Pain-Free Movement Specialist and Certified Adventure Bootcamp Owner/Instructor. She has helped hundreds of people within her community live fit, happy and healthy lives through her programs. Now, through her book and web site, she can help even more. Laura lives in Norwalk CT with her husband and cats.

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