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Empower Yourself Course

Course Introduction


No words can express my excitement to have you here as a member of Choose Well to Live Well “Empower Yourself” wellness course.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your health and wellness journey! I am humbled and truly excited to help you live fit, healthy and strong in mind and body. We are here to serve you as your wellness coach and guide on your journey to healthy and empowered living!

This course consists of seminar wellness video modules that will explain all the benefits of that specific fundamental, plus video’s , tools and strategies to practice your empowering fundamental.

I want to encourage you to start with our “60 day Morning Empower Hour Challenge.

This will jump start you on your journey to healthy and empowered living.

It takes 66 days to create a healthy habit, so here is the challenge….YOU CAN DO THIS!

  1. Listen to the Power of Meditation seminar module. Commit to an empowering thought meditation.  It can be 5 minutes or 15 minutes each morning.
  2. Listen to the Move it or Lose it exercise seminar module and commit to starting your day with a workout.
  3. Listen to the Power of Greens seminar module and commit to 1 green smoothie a day.
  4. Listen to a 10 minute dose of motivation each morning.

This four step foundation of a 5 or 15 min meditation, workout, green smoothie and motivational dose each morning will start your day nourished, uplifted and energized in mind and body.


Your meditation practice will not only release stress and tension instantly, but will strengthen you, build your confidence and self-esteem, and will help you start your day positive and optimistic.

Exercise will release tension and pressure, release your happy endorphins so your mood is up first thing in the morning, and will clear and focus your mind.

Your green smoothie will nourish and energize your body.

Your 10 minute dose of motivation will encourage and inspire you.

So, this 60 Day Morning Empower Hour Challenge is training us to start our day in a healthy, positive, empowering way. I know I am asking you to aim high with these daily goals and healthy commitments, but even if you get 2 out of the four practiced for the day, even 1 out of the 4, is a success in living healthy and positive.

Each meditation, each workout, each green smoothie, each dose of motivation will nourish us mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually….YOU CAN DO THIS! ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY!

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