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Sleep Fitness Practice

Sleep Fitness – You are how you sleep!!

Quality of sleep is so important for good health and well-being.
When we deprive ourselves of a restful sleep, we notice the effect both physically and mentally
almost immediately.  In the short term you may experience fatigue, irritability, increased stress,
difficulty focusing and careless mistakes.  You may experience odd food cravings and over-eat
with sugar because your body is in need of energy.  You probably won’t have any energy for
your workouts, and that makes you feel even worse. Long term effects include increased risk of
more serious health problems, such as a weakened immune system, sluggish metabolism,
diabetes, depression, obesity and heart disease.

I am very excited about offering this Wellness Webinar Video where you will learn specific
nourishing Wellness Disciplines you can practice in the evening that aren’t time consuming but
extremely powerful for quality sleep!

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