Choose Well To Live Well

Live fit, healthy and strong in body, mind and spirit!

Comprehensive Wellness

Empower Yourself Course

Seminar videos take you through a complete Wellness program to overhaul your health and wellbeing. Learn effective practices in Exercise, Meditation, Clean Eating and Proper Rest.

Fascia Flow Fitness Practice

Why do we feel "stiff", "old", "tight & achy, sometimes even if we are physically active? The answer, Fascia. Alleviate stiffness and gain strength/mobility with our Fascia Wellness course.

Sleep Fitness Practice

Go to sleep - stay asleep... wake up rested! If you have been struggling with falling asleep or staying asleep, this course is for you.

Signature Practices


It's all about your thoughts! A signature Choose Well To Live Well practice is EMPOWERING THOUGHT MEDITATIONS. We can meditate ourselves healthy, strong, successful and empowered! We can train our minds to work for us instead of against us. Ready to start your Empowering Thought Meditation practice?

Healing Movement Practice

Relief. That is all you can think about when you are in pain. The gentle movement within these video’s were created to give you some relief. Movement is medicine. When we combine deep breathing with specific gentle movement, some relief is the outcome.


Sit less! Move more! Sitting is exhausting and energy draining. There is nothing vibrant or energizing about sitting all day long in front of a computer or TV. JUST 15 MINUTES OF EXERCISE BOOSTS MOOD, INCREASES ENERGY AND RELEASES STRESS FROM OUR BODY. Ready to sit less, move more?

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