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Fascia Flow Fitness Class

Fascia Flow Fitness is a FUSION workout integrating Pilates, Yoga and Fitness creating a flow of movement to help with mobility, balance and coordination while alleviating tension, stiffness and stress. 

This FLOW class will improve posture, increase energy and hydrate our very important connective tissue (Fascia) that surrounds not only our muscles, tendons and ligaments, but every major Organ in our body. That feeling of “stiffness” and “I feel old” is stuck stress within your Fascial System.  Even the most physically active of us experience stuck stress.  This class is designed to not only release stuck stress from your body, but improve balance, coordination,  mobility and strength  AND have a blast doing it with inspiring music in the background.

​We will balance and flow through a variety of movement patterns  to create a Fascial Dance…this class is for all levels of fitness so bring your yoga mat and  come Flow with me!


Online Zoom Session From Your Home


Saturday October 3 9:00AM
Saturday October 17 9:00AM
Saturday October 24 9:00AM

4 Class Package

  • Per Package
  • *To be used within two months of purchase

Single Class

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