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Happy Habits

Most people are usually about as happy as they make up their minds to be.

~Abraham Lincoln

Let’s talk about happiness.  Happy content people tend to have a few habits that help them get the most out of each day. Even in the midst of life’s storms and challenges, they are still able to maintain their happiness and peace for life. What are some of these habits?

Live in a state of appreciation. Count your blessings and don’t take your goodness for granted. When you look for things to appreciate, more goodness comes to you. Start keeping a gratitude/blessings journal and write each day all you are grateful for, all that went well for you that day, and all that you are looking forward to experiencing.

Meditate on thoughts that strengthen you instead of weaken you. Feed your body, mind and spirit with healthy thinking. Deep breathing, silence, meditating on empowering thoughts has major health and wellness benefits from strengthening your immune system, to increase of positive emotions, increased strength, confidence and self- esteem. We offer a variety of empowering thought meditations to strengthen you, increase your confidence and self-esteem and empower you!

Stop comparing: Happy, joyful, peaceful people don’t waste their time worrying about what other people think, comparing, gossiping, judging or criticizing. Focus on creating and living your own best, fulfilled happy life. The happier and healthier you are, the more of a blessing you are to the world.

Choose to be positive and optimistic each day. This is a choice. Refuse to waste your time and energy in negativity.

Surround yourself with positive optimistic people. Be aware of your environment. Analyze what you read, listen to, watch, and who you spend your time with. If your environment is not healthy, uplifting and nourishing to you, make the changes you need to make.

Move consistently. Get on a good exercise program and never stop. Move the daily stress and tension of life out of your body, and get your happy endorphins released each day. Choose to make this a non-negotiable habit.

Feed your mind and body clean whole foods. This will keep your body fit, strong, healthy and energized and your mind clear, focused and strong. The kind of food you eat will affect how you think, your energy level, mood and your state of mind. Keep it clean.

So, which healthy habit will you cultivate and start implementing in your life?   Don’t wait. These habits take focus and discipline to practice consistently. Give yourself 3 months of a steady consistency, putting your full effort into it, and you will be amazed of the results you will experience.

We offer so much support in the development of happy healthy habits! Become a member today!

So, remember, we have only one day at a time to live so live today, consciously and deliberately and let’s choose well!

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