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The Blessing of Spring

New life, new growth! The blessing of Spring!

Never cut a tree down in the winter time.  Never make a negative decision in a low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in the worst of moods. Wait. Be patient. The storms will pass. The spring will come.

~ Robert H Schuller

The season of spring reminds us of new life and growth.

Today, I want to encourage you to make a commitment to focus your time and energy on making life giving, hopeful, growth inspiring decisions in attitude and action.

Two of the most life giving and life changing attitudes you can choose to practice are optimism and gratitude.

Set an intention each morning that no matter what you are doing or where you need to be

  • You will purposely expect a good outcome
  • You will look for the good in everyone and everything
  • You will choose to have a mind and heart filled with gratitude.

We can make each moment a spiritual experience for ourselves when we decide to approach everything with a spirit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness…and self-control, and leave our ego behind.

This practice will not only bless every single aspect of your life, but you will be a blessing to everyone around you.

So remember, we have only one day at a time to live so let’s live this day consciously and deliberately and choose well.

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