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Bridge To Your Goals


Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

~Jim Rohn

All of us have areas in our life we want to make better. Whether we have a health goal, a financial goal, a spiritual intention, or a relationship intention, we are all always going to be working towards something, or working through something…that’s life.

But no matter what your goal, dream, vision, challenge or situation you are working through, you need discipline to accomplish anything in life.

It was Vince Lombardi who famously said that he was teaching his players how to discipline themselves so they could have what they said they wanted to have.

What do we need to discipline? Our thoughts, actions and attitude need to line up with what we want to accomplish. Don’t go against yourself. Make sure your thinking, speaking and acting in a way that is helpful, uplifting and nourishing to your goals and dreams.

How do we start doing this?

  1. Decide you will never give up; you will live one day at a time and take action towards what you want to accomplish. Nothing happens until we move, and we need a made up mind not to give up. Small steps, small changes add up to big results.
  1. Pray and ask God for help in this area of discipline. Meditate on thoughts that empower you. The only way our mindset will change in a healthy positive successful direction is if we change it. And that takes work and practice.
  1. Acknowledge that you will get uncomfortable. Discipline is very uncomfortable but the rewards are tremendous. Each time you make a positive, healthy forward moving choice, the next time it gets a little easier. Discipline is like a muscle. Each time you use it you are getting stronger.

So, remember, we have only one day at a time to live, so live it consciously and deliberately and choose well.

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