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Encouragement To Press On

Persistence, patience, and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.

~Napoleon Hill

The dictionary describes patience as “a quiet steady perseverance.” It’s the ability to not only wait, but to wait with a good attitude. Persistence is the ability to stick with something, regardless of your feelings.  You PRESS ON even when you feel like quitting.

Both are needed to achieve any vision, goal or dream, especially when results are taking a little longer than expected.

What will help us be patient and persistent?

May I encourage you to:

Never give up.  No matter how hard things get, make a decision you will never give up.  You may need to tweak your approach, or change something here and there, but never give up on your ultimate goal.

Take action every day.  Action, perspiration breeds confidence.  It’s the small steps taken each day that achieves significant results.

Be around people who encourage, inspire and uplift you.  And decide you will be an encourager and up lifter.

Meditate on thoughts that strengthen and empower you.  Please don’t under estimate the power of a positive mindset.  The only way we can have a strong, positive and healthy mindset is to meditate on strong, positive, healthy thoughts. We need a strong mindset to be patient and persistent.

So, remember, we have only one day at a time to live.  Live this day, consciously and deliberately and choose well!

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