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Growing Pains

Handling challenges while moving ahead

Each morning we are born again, what we do today is what matters most ~Buddha

What a beautiful reminder to stay present to our life.

I want to talk to you today about growing pains. When we set goals and healthy intentions, or we are trying to break a bad habit and create a new healthy one…there will be some growing pains. You will get uncomfortable, but that is all part of the process of living a healthy, happy, empowered life.

Life will challenge us. We all experience loss, we all experience hurt, we all experience disappointment, there will be growing pain. That’s just life.

But here is the good news. We can walk through it healing, growing and counting our blessings one day at a time. It’s a choice we make daily. To dig in deep, stand up, and move forward in a positive direction. How?

  • Embrace the fact that not everything is going to go our way in life, and our attitude is one of the most important things we have control over. So, take a proactive approach to keep a healthy attitude, one that is optimistic and hopeful.
  • Start your day empowered. Exercise and meditate. This powerful wellness duo will not only help you in efforts with a healthy attitude, but will keep your mind and body strong.
  • Get really good at living one day at a time.
  • Be aware of negative foreboding. Which is basically, worry. It is imagining something bad is going to happen. When you are aware of this, it may shock you how much you do this unconsciously. Turn it around and be hopeful that all will turn out for your benefit, even if things are tough right now, and you don’t see how. We are going to be expecting something, why not expect good things and make it positive and helpful? It’s a healthier, happier way to live.
  • Take action. Get quiet and ask yourself, what is one thing I can do today to move me forward, or make this situation better? And do it! Trust your inner guidance.

So, remember, we have only one day at a time to live, so live this day consciously and deliberately and choose well!

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